Feels more like a rip off than a "Home"!

User Rating: 2 | PlayStation Home PS3
Oh joy and excitement when Sony finally made Home available to the world. I probably was amongst the millions of people coming home from work and throwing themselves on their PS3's just to download and experience "Home".
This is where it all went wrong. Were my expectations to high? No, I seriously think not.
First off, may I just say how frustrating it is to have to download every single area you wanna go to. Wouldn't it have been easier to have made it all available at the outset? Extra areas could be added under the form of a software update, anyway, it is only what I personally think.
Then, once all the available areas where downloaded, I went straight to the mall to pimp my pad and upgrade my outfits for something trendier.
Had there been a camera and mic in my house, you probably would have heard the worst series of swear words a man has ever heard in his very life.
To this day, I still cannot believe that we are being charged REAL money for VIRTUAL clothing or furniture. Downloadable content you can actually use, yes why not, but VIRTUAL stuff against REAL hard earn cash, I most certainly think not.
Please reader, do not go thinking I am one hell of a scrudge as I am not but please understand me when I say that I believe we are seriously getting screwed by Sony (royally screwed in fact).
The social experience is so so, not ground breaking. Nothing that has not been done before. The online content is really poor, I will not go there. And everything takes so long to download (even with my superfast internet connection).
I am disapointed to find out that Home is not what Sony promised it would be. The only reason I gave it a score of 2 is kudos for the lush graphics, the rest is too frustrating or insulting to even deserve any points from me.
I really do hope Sony does something about Home and soon.