Which third party characters Do you wanna see?

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Superbot confirmed the inclusion of third party characters in the game.  I hope the third party characters we saw in the long live play ad are playable characters.  what do you guys think?

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Crash Bandicoot (formerly a first party character) and Mega Man

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I personally dont like the idea of 3rd party chars (unless its crash or spyro because they were 1st party originally). I didnt like the idea in brawl although i like snake, and i dont think it belongs in this game. My fav part of the smash bros serise was pitting these chars from the same company in the same world as if they all co-exist anyway. The inclusion of snake and sonic (snake especially) slightly ruined the flow of things. I think i'll feel the same with this. But if thier were third party i wouldn't want anyone like pac-man or mega man becuase they are too big in thier own worlds to be shoved into a sony world, if you get what i mean.

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Well, they were just guest characters and a lot of fighting games these days have those. Also, Snake was added in because his creator asked him to be in and Sonic was added in due to fan demand. I think that's how it goes anywhere.

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Sparkster (if you count his comeback game on ps3 and 360), he's been on 2 other consoles as well (mainly megadrive and one one snes), I know he doesn't stand a chance but I'd definetly buy it if he got in, he's perfect for these kind of games.

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I want them to put Sackboy ( first party) and Solid Snake or Big Boss
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Also I want The Hero from DQ8 or any DQ character that has been on the playstation system or cloud, Zack, Sephiroth, the list could go on, on who I wanted but I will stop here
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I'd go with Sonic. I mean why not? He was in Brawl and he's not exclusive. Though I can see people wanting the third party characters more associated with the Playstation like Spyro, Crash, Lara Croft and Cloud Strife. Putting third party characters in a game like this is a tricky thing. Everyone threw a fit that Nintendo didn't include more but there are so many legal and liscencing rights, plus the companies then have a share a cut of the profits with said third party companies and do you really think Sony wants to share it's profits with 10 other companies? Then of course there are the fans who don't like the idea of non exclusive characters in these games but in Sony's case if they just went with their "true" exclusives it would be a pretty small roster at least compared to Smash Bros.
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Oh yeah, Sonic would be nice to include too.

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Crash Bandicoot for sure.

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time to go in lara croft crash bandicoot croc from Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Spyro the Dragon Sora from kingdom hearts Duke Nukem a Tekken character
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Mouse from Ephemeral Fantasia...


Does anyone remember that game? No? Yes? 

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time to go in lara croft crash bandicoot croc from Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Spyro the Dragon Sora from kingdom hearts Duke Nukem a Tekken characterMDre13

If they add in any Tekken character, it may as well be Jin. I would say Lili, but she's not one of the main Tekken characters. 

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I would personally like to see Minato Arisato from Persona 3 make an appearance in PlayStation All-Stars. The main character from Persona 4 (Yu Narukami) would've been nice, but he is going multi platform with Persona 4 Arena. Also, there is currently no indication for Minato to be in that fighter since it is canon to the rest of the series, so Minato is a PlayStation exclusive 3rd party character at the moment. Also, who doesn't want to see him shoot himself in the face to use a super move?
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Already have Heihachi from Tekken but I still want to see Yoshimitsu. Just so he can be in yet another fighting game :)

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I'm not sure if they are already in but not having Final Fantasy 7 characters would be a slap in the face.