Where's the Beta it's 23rd and no Beta!!

#1 Posted by BryanParksSuper (67 posts) -

It's 3am on Tuesday morning and the beta isn't on the PSN Store. 

#2 Posted by meedokicky (372 posts) -

well first it is only for Plus members.

and it was days ago, one of my friends has a plus membership and he has played the beta. he lives in Canada though.

I dunno if it is still on though. game is coming next month anyway.

#3 Posted by BryanParksSuper (67 posts) -

PS3 Beta for everybody is supposed to be available Today sometime. Don't say it's for Vita only when you know damn well that the PS3 Beta for everybody was to be released on 23rd in USA. Next time do your research kid. 

#4 Posted by meedokicky (372 posts) -

alright sorry.

#5 Posted by althgrea1 (173 posts) -

lol dont be so angry at the guy he answered as best he could. anyway the psn store doesnt technically update its store till around 4 pm. why the hell are you up so early anyway?