Not a lot of people on this board - bad sales?

#1 Posted by bobaban (10560 posts) -

I'm thinking of getting this for christmas. But if the online community base is small, then I don't see much of a future.

#2 Posted by wraith-squad66 (1368 posts) -

i find matches online within 30 seconds so i don't see a dead community, maybe on this gamespot forum but not in general.

and this game is an absolute joy to play with friends, one of the best no doubt.

#3 Posted by Justforvisit (2660 posts) -

Nah, it's just that the specific game boards are pretty dead since GameSpot severed ties with GameFAQ's

#4 Posted by bobaban (10560 posts) -
^^Thanks man! I headed to the gamefaqs website and I notice the board there is much more active.