Just realized what this game is missing...

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PS1 era characters. so far parappa is the only one. Sweet tooth and Heihachi are too but they became more popular in PS2 era. What are some of the PS1 era series that aren't represented yet?


I'll start:

-Legend of Dragoon

-Crash Bandicoot





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-Jumping Flash

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-Brave Fencer Musashi

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-Ape Escape

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It would be pretty surprising if Crash Bandicoot wasn't in.

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It would be pretty surprising if Crash Bandicoot wasn't in.


blame  activision

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Sweet Tooth definately was most popular on PS1, but they got the TM Black Tooth. Hopefully they have costumes of the earlier Sweet Tooth from the first 2 games. Alot of the PS1 exclusives were third party, that would be nice to see a few characters from final fantasy

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One issue with Sweet Tooth is that he always drove a car in PS1-era so you didn't see any of the characters. Could have been anyone.

But I agree that this game really misses PS1-era. It's when I got on Playstation and also where I loved it the most, PS2/PS3 just aren't at great to me.

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Even if they managed to get some of the characters I still worry that they're nothing like in the past. If they get Jill Valentine she could be the RE5 catsuit version, if they got Crash he would be the Activision version and so on. If they did that I wouldn't even care whether these characters get in or not. It's like having Doctor Mario and claiming he's THE Mario in SSB.