How did they decide whats fair?

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I like playing jak but its not fair when it comes to supers


My 1 takes me either being right on top of the guy or the guy being right above me, and my 2 requires me to perfectly time and position a jump at my enemy, which they usually jump away from in time...


I wont even talk about my 3 because it takes forever to get to it and you can get way more kills landing 1s and 2s

but even if i did, its a weird 3 to aim.


Now I played against my friend who used sly cooper, and it was clearly unbalanced with supers


His 1 is a giant hippo that hits everyone in front of him for 10 feet, and his 2 lets him fly accross the map twice dropping bombs repeatedly... 


I dont understand what the people making this game thought, both sort of similiar in speed, both gain super at the same rate. why did they give sly a clearly 10x better super set?


Can someone explain this to me?

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i agree completely. I love using jak i got him to 400. but it sure wasn't easy. I dont like any of other charcters. Jak and Daxter is one of the games that reminds me of my life playing video games...especially as a kid. I guess when they made this game they didnt notice how unbalanced the characters are. You cant even make many combos with jak.

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Not all of the characters are built for FFA. Simple as that. Jak is a 2v2 built one. I'd say that Sackboy, Parappa, and in some ways even Nathan Drake and Radec fall into that group. They are characters that excel at pestering from a "safe" area while their teammate acts as an overly aggressive decoy. I've seen several teams use this formula, and before 45 seconds have passed, the one playing it safe from the corner is at a level 2 super. 

All in all, you can't expect every single character will be on equal footing when it comes to a fighting game. There has to be some character bringing up the end of the roster. In my tier list, I unfortunately have Jak listed at dead last, it is to bad that he is your favorite, and didn't turn out the way you had hoped. I was looking forward to playing Nathan Drake exclusively before I picked it up, and was quite disappointed when his moves were overshadowed by Kratos, the Coles, Raiden, and Dante. Good Luck!

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Jaks level one is actually pretty good. just stand there and block until someone comes up and hits you and then spec the second after he hits you