Drop the Battle Royale.

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Playstation All-Stars is a good title. Battle Royale just makes it cumbersome. PAS is quick and snappy. PASBR is long. Just my opinion though. Thoughts?

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I agree completely.  I tend to think of it as just "Playstation All-Stars", and when I am reminded of the "Battle Royale" added to the end, it strikes me as clumsly.  "Playstation All-Stars" is a decent enough title, but the "Battle Royale" part is utterly poinless as well as being pretentious.

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are you really buying the game because of its title? if not the case i don't see why you complain about the name. frankly it doesn't matter what its called as long as the game is fun.
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call it what you want but the official title is playstation all stars battle royale. people call call of duty, CoD, they call batman arkham city, arkham city theres nothing stopping you from calling it whatever you want.
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I agree that the name would look better like that, but I can see people calling it "PlayStation All-Stars" for short anyway.

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It's actually unbelievable that there's a group of people out there stupid enough to think this is a good name.
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While I agree I understand why it's there as I assume they are going to make this a series. Maybe Playstation All-Stars racing next or something like that.