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What Gamespot Users have to say about Platoon

  • User Rating 6

    Though held back with painfully high difficulty, this movie-based title isn't all that bad.

    Rated on September 20, 2009 by aryoshi

    Many have watched the classic Oliver Stone title based off of Vietnam, Platoon. It was an excellent movie, if not the best Vietnam war movie out today. This game certainly doesn't follow the footsteps...

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  • User Rating 2

    Made me feel as helpless as a POW.

    Rated on May 09, 2008 by garey017

    If I could get past the first level of this game, maybe I'd have a little more appreciation for it. But as it stands, I just couldn't get much entertainment out of this game. The object of this game...

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  • User Rating 6.8

    Long, tedious, frustrating and even fun.

    Rated on December 16, 2006 by Someguyhere

    Platoon, released for the NES a year after the movie in 1987, was not the first console game to capitalize on a blockbuster's success (those of you may remember Atari's infamous E.T. for example) but ...

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  • User Rating 7.9

    "Platoon" is a very good action game in general. Still, it's very frustrating, hard, and tendious.

    Rated on December 23, 2006 by bansheerpg

    "Platoon" is almost everything a gamer could expect from an old-school action game. Still, it is way too hard, and it tends to get really frustrating and tendious. "Platoon" act...

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  • User Rating 7.5

    Why oh why is there NOT a password system?<br />

    Rated on August 29, 2010 by AjarnLenny

    Games based on movies are always viewed upon with great skepticism. There've been so many bad examples of movie-to-game titles that a game based on a movie always "suck until proven otherwise". Platoo...

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