Why? Because I'm crazy!!!

User Rating: 8 | Plants vs. Zombies DS
Killing zombies has been getting stale. Movie heroes often use fire, or a quick bashing to the head to finish these fiends, and we've all seen that already. Popcap re-invented the way of making these creatures of the night banish: Plant cutesy sunflowers to give you suns and peashooter to shoot zombies for the kill, while you stay comfy on your home.

This. Is. Tower. Defense. As. Its. Finest.

Now onto the scores:

2.0 } Gameplay - This is controlled with the stylus completely. It's a drag and drop game for the most part, so there's no problem in that.

2.0 } Story - Zombies want your brain and it's up to you to defeat them with your gardening skills.

1.5 } Graphics - There are some framerates issues sometimes, when the screen is filled with plants and zombies, which I don't mind. But the graphics look really nice, but not better than the PC versions (for obvious reasons).

0.5 } Sound - Didn't care much for the music. But the character noises are a delight.

2.0 } Replay Value - You can replay the campaign mode over and over again to buy all the stuff on the shop..

8.0 } Total - A great tower defense game. Lots of charm and originality. You'll be delighted with the zombie designs and minigames.

Conclusion - "Zombies ate my neighbors"

You'll spend hours killing zombies in this great game. Use it in short burst like in a waiting room or in the bus. Have fun.