Plants are good and healty. Don't ignore the zombies...they might eat your brains!

User Rating: 9.5 | Plants vs. Zombies PC
This review is written by me and also by miguelrazvan (for a link go to my tracking list). We played the game almost at the same time and well, here's what we think:

Me: Funny and entertaining – this is what this game set out to do and it did just that. Even if the game looks like it's meant for 7 year old it is much more than that. It will suck you in even if you are a fully grown up person with a job and family. As I said, it is entertaining the whole length of the game, it's funny, it's colourful and the graphics give a lot of depth to the entire setting. Through the Adventure part of the game you won't get bored of it. There are 5 levels, enough to quench your thirst for more but after some mini games and puzzles the game looses it's attractiveness. The idea of a Zen garden is cute but also annoying on the long run – the plants are hard to get and the upgrades are expensive.
A game that makes you want to play more after just one level, Plants vs Zombies is fun but it also gives you the terrible duty of protecting your house and, well, your brains, from the zombie invasion.
All in all you can't let the zombies eat your brains battle!

MR: I think I first saw this game about a month before I got to play it. It did not seem to be anything great about it and so I just got over the idea of trying it.
The second time I saw the game was when it sucked me in. What I first intended to be a little game break became a whole night of plants vs. zombies. It's not something you see every day, it's hilarious to see what types of zombies can a team of programmers come up with. The characters are also funny (well...there's only one but still) and go well with the entire feel of the game. There is a lot of color in the levels, some great artwork too and it makes you feel like they did not miss one detail. The Adventure part was nice and entertaining until the end but the mini games were very frustrating, they are not much to look at still the idea of switching to the side of the zombies against the plants is sweet and will keep you going for another 1 hour or so but any other replay value...nope.
The game is great, it's good to have it when you don't have anything to do but it's not going to keep you happy for a long time, just until you finish it.

We both want to thank Razvan's math teacher for recommending this great game, we had a great time!