A game that's so adiciting an endless, that you may never stop playing!

User Rating: 9 | Plants vs. Zombies PC
This is the first game i've ever played made by the famous developer Pop cap, and I really need to play more of their games! Now on to the review!

The good: It's the first game with cutesy zombies, The graphics are great, it's easy to play, it's a ridicuously good value, it's really funny, it has lots of fun minigames and extra chalenges.

The bad: The game may be too cute for some, It's so highly adictive that you may lose sleep, the story mode is fairly short.

When i ploped my 20$ down, brought this game home, stuck it in my computer, I had no ide what I was doing, as soon as the game loaded up, I was pulled in by how cute the game was and the halarious plant and zombie designs, however i know there are some people who may hate the good name of zombies tarneshed by these cutesy graphics. I started the story mode and realized something, I was already good at this game, this must be due to pop cap being well known for creating easy to play games, and this one is no exception!
The game play is fairly simple, zombies come at your hose and you have to plant sunflowers to get sun, you then use said sun to plant ofensive or devensive plants to defeat the zombies, though it sounds easy, some of the later levels will take even the best tower defense gamers a few tries to beat, that said the game starts out too easy and may bore veteran players for the first few levels.
The main mission has 50 levels, and that may sound like a lot, but you'll beat the game in a few hours, and their's little incentive to play the story mode again, there a tons of minigames (most of which are mini versions of other pop cap games), and chalenges to play. You also have a survival mode which some of the levels in it are some of the hardest I have ever seen as a gamer. there's also something called the zen garden where you can gro plants you find in story mode and mini games, though this mode is fairly boring and you'll sell your plants the minute they're fully grown.
So overall this is a great game that is well worth the price of 20$.