Surprising but True

User Rating: 9 | Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare XONE

I first picked up PVZGW and was luke warm to it. I loved the graphics, sound and the general light hearted nature, but still wasn't sure. Then I started to unlock more stuff and really get a feel for the strategy. Under the cuteness, is a great shooter that is refreshing.

I played for many hours and was having more and more fun with it, as I found my characters that I liked to play and learned the maps better. Then it happened. TitanFall came out. I rushed out, picked up my copy, and played it for a day with my brother. Last night, after playing TitanFall for another hour, we both said, "Want to play Plants VS Zombies instead?" So we did, and agreed that we think that it is more fun to play.

Don't get me wrong, TitanFall is a great game, but I still think that I like the freshness of Plants VS Zombies, Garden Warfare better. It looks like a kid's game, but it is so much more.

EDIT 8/20/2014

So, I have played this game more since my initial review and am liking it even more than before. This company has created a clean, very well made shooter, that is a joy to play. On top of that, the DLC has all been free. I have also put in some time playing with the GLASS mode on my iPad, while someone else plays on my XBOX One, and it works very well and was fun to do.

Great fun graphics
The sound is fun and happy
Tons of customization
It is fun to collect character cards
Good game play modes
Glass mode that works well
Free DLC
Low entry price

These are just a few of the great things about this game. Thank you Pop Cap for making a great game and not making me take out a loan to play it. This is still my go to game over Black Flag, Titan Fall, and BF4.