User Rating: 9.1 | PlanetSide PC
Overall I really enjoy this game and plan on keeping my subscription. This is one game that no FPS or MMOG fan should be without. There have been quite a few new MMOGs in the past couple of years, but this one truly is unique. It is the first game to integrate RPG, FPS, and MMO into one game. Truly amazing. Gameplay: Great replay value. Think Tribes II, except MMO style. How does that sound? Pretty good I bet, especially when you see those massive battles raging throughout the whole of an entire continent or perhaps the entire planet. This game has great gameplay value. Graphics: Best I have seen in a MMO game. Absolutely amazing. Considering this is an MMO game, makes the graphics even more jaw dropping than they already are. The detail is amazing. I haven't seen one glitch the ENTIRE time I have played in terms of graphics. Sound: 5.1 Surround Sound + realistic Sounds for gunfire and other effects... need I say more? Value: I am gonna have to give this game a 6 on this due to the fact you have to pay a monthly fee. Don't get me wrong I am glad to pay it... I am just not so sure about many other people, which means less people to play with online. Tilt: Great game, loved it. Just buy this game.