so much potential

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This game has a lot of potential, but it is fundamentally flawed. I'll be ranked first in an area and we will be getting crushed because my team is doing nothing productive, a bunch of individuals running around chasing xp. It's not fun getting demolished by waves of bad guys spawning from a sunderer while I'm yelling destroy the sunderer and there's 20 snipers hiding on the rooftop. You can't even spawn on the squad leader which makes organizing squad attacks pretty much near impossible.

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You realize the other team consists of more people chasing xp. 

It sounds like you are frustrated with spawning in areas in which you are outnumbered. If you look at a map region it tells you the relative balance of each team. You do get more xp for fighting in areas in which you are outnumbered, but a lot of the time it results in frequent spawning and dying.

And you can't really expect anonymous people online to behave in a mature fashion. But if you join a squad when you get in the game you have a pretty good chance of running across a group that really exercises good teamplay.

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yea played this in the beat its def way more fun now had about 50 on 50 battle for a hill top gets pretty intense, but i play as a medic and its not fun when 45 of those people on both teams are snipers :/ which seems all anybody is playing as
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Well that sounds about right when playing with a bunch of random people,To add to that most of them are still learning the game. Try rallying your squad at the Warpgate and use Waypoints.

Also don't expect everyone knows what they are doing or on the same page as you.

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People just need to know what theyre doing. A lot of players still have no idea about the shield generators and spawning at a decent location etc. Watch the tutorials people.

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This game has a lot of potential, but it is fundamentally flawed. I'll be ranked first in an area and we will be getting crushed because my team is doing nothing productive, It's a new game, most players are complete noobs. a bunch of individuals running around chasing xp.

It's a new game, most players are complete noobs, just enjoy the fire fights and stop worrying so much about territory. DO you have any idea how fun it is to play as an infiltrator and run around just ninja knifing people? Do you? I killed like 4 guys in one room, two of them practically took eachother out for me, enjoy their noobishness while it lasts because it won't. Besides they're not done working on this, and there are people asking for more entrenchment options like automated defenses which will make taking and holding a place much easier. Groups are starting to form that have preferred planets and trying to claim them theirs on SolTech so give it time.

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Find a outfit that is active and take the game seriously and you will see a different game. I for one love it...

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I donno i found the game not noob friendly. Like as soon as I spawned i was killed by a guy behind me or a helicopter. In my opinion i think its a game where you'd have to be there at the very start to understand whats going on. Or you'd take a long time to figure out whats happening in the game and what your team is doing. I'd be nice if there were also solo side missions or like co op side missions in which you could rank up instead of starting on the battle field and end up getting killed by like lv 30+ but maybe there is and I don't know about it. But yea just my personal opinion =)
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I got in a good outfit and the game has a ridiculously steep learning curve. I finally figured out how things work, tank icons indicate tank shield generators etc. etc. but man, a little bit more of a tutorial would have helped. e.g.

1. there are big outposts and small outposts

2. big ones have shields with inner and outter defenses, try and take down the outter first then the inner. You have to stand by the letter indicators to capture a place. the more guys by a capture point the faster the capture

3. the small outposts have no shields, stand by the letter A to capture it

4. join an outfit asap, try to join the batallion so you are a mixed combo of infantry armor and air.

5. defending tech plants is the key to the game

6. you can't capture a point if you don't have any influence in the surrounding tiles, the more tiles you have surrounding an area that faster you can cap it

would that have been so hard? They just give so little explanation off the bat and it takes hours and hours to figure out what the hell is going on