User Rating: 1 | PlaneShift PC
How can you play the game when the updater can`t even connect to the proper mirror!?

R/Planeshift simply has too many issues that cause anger-vating problems with it-for one it should "update" automatically, two I was wondering if it was it is as tacky navigation as shadowbane and three I tried 5 times to do this with no replies.

Now there`s those "other" mmorpgs like 2moons and they are in fact "free" so complaining is pointless, but here`s the catch, when are these idiots ever going to realize that their servers should be up 99% of the time, and when they are not, isn`t there a secondary server to enable play while maintenance is occurring on the other? Shhheeesssh!

Then there`s Rapplez...great game, good graphics..but only 1 map, I mean come on already-like what idiot wants to play 1 solitary map?
Basically, avoid this one game free or not, you`ll spend all night being so irate just trying to get the thing up and running you`ll want to kill the bastards who made it in the first place!

Rating should be -1 for 3ds maxers with no creativity.