Its pretty good for a free game.. and its only in beta testing.

User Rating: 9 | PlaneShift PC
Just doing this review so i can say what i think about this game.

Sounds: Very nice music and sounds.

Graphics: Good for a free to play game.It looks like morrowind, if you ever played that game

Something about this game:
Well.. it has something that nearly no mmo has...
Most of em are already up for use:smithing,smelting,mining and spellcasting skills(yes!more than one!)

The planned ones are: herblore,alchemy,fishing,crafting and more.. i cant think of them right now... ._.

Unfortunately, it has bugs, but what do you except from a beta testing game?

The GMs and Mods are polite here, they do not speak 1337 or something like that.
More than this, even the players are surprisingly polite. Nobody ever called me n00b or newb in this game.

Soo.. planeshift takes only 30 minutes to download, i recommend you to download it. If you dont like it, unnistall it and try another game :)