Simply the best rpg ever made and one of the best game of all times too

User Rating: 10 | Planescape: Torment PC
This game is just a piece of art, you wont find anything like it not even near.
In terms of plot and story is just epic, best that any movie I've ever seen, you must play it!
If you don't like long texts conversations well you might don't want to play this but it has so much to offer that you have to give it a try..some conversations are partially voiced and very well done but sadly(if you dont like to read a lot) most of the time is just text

In terms of combat well is not the best but is still good and definitely better than all this games today, the game use the same engine that baldurs gate so you kinda make an idea of what graphics and combat is but for the character custom and leveling is not that deep.

The music is very good too, a very serene mood and sad sometimes that always fits right in the gameplay.

The graphics are really good too even if they are old they are good and if you use the mod for widescreen even better!

This is one of those games you must play in your life or you are not a real gamer at all.

10/10 by far