New controls for the WII, same (great) game...

User Rating: 8 | Pitfall: The Big Adventure WII
The most amazing thing about this game really has nothing to do with the game at all. What is amazing about this game is this:

I could not find a single web-based or magainze based publication that stated this fact:

Pitfall The Big Adventure for the WII = Pitfall the Lost Expedition for the PC, Gamecube, PS2, XBOX, and a few other hardware formats.

That I couldn't find a single source to clarify this fact is troubling and telling at the same time.

So for the record, if you were uncertain as I was, YES Pitfall the Big Adventure is the same game as Pitfall the Lost Expedition. Too bad publishers couldn't be a little forthcoming and honest about this and point this out for consumers... always thought publishers basic mandate was to inform consumers so they could make better buying decisions but for whatever reason in this case everyone (web and print) really dropped the ball.

If you own Pitfall the Lost Expedition, you only want to get this version of the game if you loved Lost Expedition so much that you want to replay it with arguably better controls.

Aside from that, Pitfall the Big Adventure is as fun as it was in its prior incarnation Pitfall the Lost Expedition with arguably better controls taking advantage of the WII remote.

You can find my review of Pitfall the Lost Expedition at gamespot here:;continue

I gave Pitfall the Lost Expedition a score of 8.6. This version gets 8.0 because while still a good game, there's nothing new here.