Pirates: Tides of Fortune

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My first impression on Pirates: Tides of Fortune is invigoratingly fresh and its interface, from to the main Port, to Map, to the builing list part, is all elegantly and stylishly structured, especially when you toggle it into full-screen mode.

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PIRATES: TIDES OF FORTUNE - DO NOT BUY RUBIES - GAME DESIGN FAULT PRESENT I would strongly recommend that you only play the free version of this game. If you buy "rubies" using real money you will find that there is a very easy trap to fall into. When you are "purchasing" items with your rubies the section shows the maximum that you can buy with the rubies you have available and not the 1 No. that it should start at. As a result you can lose all of your "rubies" and screw up your game as you lose the resources balance and cannot get it back...... Conclusion.... DO NOT BUY RUBIES until they have fixed this fault. The cynic in me thinks that they designed this system on purpose to screw people out of their money as it is a stupid way to set the "purchasing" up and easy for people to make this mistake as there is no safeguard. I have contacted the Support desk which is not helpful as it is Ukrainian and I am not sure that their English is very good. It took over 48 hours to get a response and then it was a standard one with no follow up.....
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This game is just as bad as godfather 5 families not in the aspect of the game itself but the fact that it is a money blood sucking game . i mean really they start you with 200 rubies and as you complete quest they give you a big 5 rubies and when you lv like 25 rubies well at the start of the game its all fine and dandy but you will find yourself out of rubies fast cause to build stuff takes alot of rubies and you will find yourself not able to build anything for lack of rubies unless you buy them.Also every time you raid or fight it takes rubies to get back your troops . Come On really !!!!!!!!!! But i will say i am intrigued with the game play but the money aspect of it is a complete turn off. i will play the game and do what i can do with whatever is given to me in game .to those that pump money into this game hey you do as you please after all its your money but as for me i have better things to spend my money on
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Pirates: Tide of Fortune is a free-to-play piracy-themed strategy game from Plarium. In the game, players will build their own pirate haven, developing a small empty island into a powerful seaborne empire. In the island, players will build a series of functional facilities such as tavern, stronghold and market and take in charge of every aspect related to the empire development.