2D gameplay with crisp 3d graphics... what more could one ask for?

One of the best games that I ever played. I really got hooked into this game, I've been playing it non stop. One thing that really gained my interest in this game is it's depth. there are so many things to learn if you wanna be the best and to pawn you friends relentlessly. For the newcomers, it's easy to pick up and play, but mastering this game takes a very long time. The gameplay is rock solid, the controls are smooth and the graphics are just jaw dropping. when I first played a game, the first thing that popped in my mind is that, this is an instant classic. This is a game that I would most definitely recommend to all. It's just amazing how capcom was able to pull off something like this. The 3d models are spectacular, with very life like facial expression the animations are just perfect but the sheer depth of the game simply astounds me. To think that a 2D game would require so much tactics and strategy to win a single bout. The Expansion of this game really kicks ass as well, with or 35 playable characters, downloadable costumes and upcoming DLC characters, well that's another thing, but I would sure DL them when I get the chance. Bottom line!! GET IT!!! BUY IT!!! PLAY IT!!!