"Give me something to shoot.", That's right, they're back and ready for action...

Continueing the story of the last StarCraft game, StarCraft: Brood War introduces a variety of new units. Clearly this is an improvement on the last game, the story is very interesting as well. Each side can be given a number of new strategies from their units, the Zerg can burrow with Lerkers and attack from underground. The Terran can heal their ground units with their medics. While those are two new units for Brood War the Protoss have the rather cheap Dark Archon which has a mind control ability. In turn all they have to do is captur an enemy drone or SCV and make a second force, this is very annoying.

The multiplayer is like the original StarCraft seeing as this is only an expansion. The loved campaign editor still stands, probally the best map designer in all of game history. The single player mode is as good as always, 3 episodes to play and unique CG for each team, unique endings as well. No new RTS game has compared to the StarCraft series and when one comes, Blizzard will be ready to release another one of this classic in the form of an RTS not like StarCraft: Ghost.