HUGE SONIC FAN been playing sonic since i was 3! this game is terrible

This was a game that i hoped would be great, sonic on the next gen system with a new hedgehog Silver Blaze is back and a whole new adventure. i really hoped this game would be good even when i played it I would say picture the old sonic games.... Sorry i need to get into reality this game blows. The worse camera Ever and the 3D sonic games have bad Camera angles as it is. You can't see anything literally. Lets just say that Shadow the Hedgehog and this game is a disgrace to the great franchise and should be only used in a Bonn fire. Gameplay: If you like like falling off cliffs and dieing 100 times to get through a level then this game is for you.

Graphics: Well this game did do something right make the best looking sonic game. the characters are very well made with a lot of details. you can see that this was the only thing that they ever spent time on.. But so many glitches make the graphics look worse.. And it takes about 25 years to load each time.. Sound: Average...... just like any other 360 game

Value: A pretty long game with 3 adventures and the final adventure... If you last long enough

Overall: sonic is going downhill Secret Rings of Wii was good but we need a new revolutionary Sonic game