Pilotwings Resort Cheats For 3DS

  1. Extra Free Roam Items

    More collectables become available in free roam after fulfilling certain criteria

    Code Effect
    Reach Silver Class Balloons
    Reach Gold Class Extras

    Contributed by: Ratchetrules 

  2. Mission mode unlockables

    Code Effect
    Achieve three stars in every class (and every mission) Diamond Class
    Achieve three stars in every Diamond class mission Meca Hawk Diorama (All-Star Award)
    Get a perfect score on every mission Use super aircraft in any mission

    Contributed by: Alloydimus 

  3. Extra Free Flight Unlockables

    More Unlockable things when you collect all item in Free Flight Mode

    Code Effect
    Collect all 75 Sight Rings Your own castle at Private Island
    3-star every mission in Mission Flight mode, and Meca Hawk will appear in Free Flight mode, walking around Wedge Island. Meca Hawk

    Contributed by: rooky_starline 

  4. Ending Credits #2

    Complete all missions with a perfect score and you'll be treated to an alternate ending credits.

    Code Effect
    Clear all missions with a perfect score. Ending Credits #2

    Contributed by: Celsius 

  5. Evening and Night Flying

    Complete these requirements to unlock the ability to fly in the evening and night in Free Flight Mode.

    Code Effect
    Get 30 I Rings Evening Flight
    Get 45 I Rings Night Flight

    Contributed by: destroy_ad_12 

  6. Unlockable Super Vehicles for Free Flight Mode

    To unlock new vehicles to use in Free Flight Mode, you have to get 3 stars on certain missions.

    Code Effect
    Get 3 stars on the 3rd Silver Class Plane Mission Turbo Jet
    Get 3 stars on the 3rd Platinum Class Rocket Belt Mission Super Rocket Belt
    Get 3 stars on the 3rd Gold Class Hang Glider Mission Pedal Glider

    Contributed by: Destroyer_713 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by destroy_ad_12 44K
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