Ace Combat 4 is the best ace combat game yet and I still play it till this day.

This is a game that purely captures combat in the skies. Depending if you played a ace combat game before, it is easy. But if it was your first time like me, it would take you a while to role and dodge missels and learn the basic controls. But if you want a short cut, you can change it to easy controls, which deprives you the ability to role period and makes it harder to manuver. So go with normal controls and learn to get use to it and it would make the game a lot more easy. Now lets talk about something else, graphics. They are very good, gets blurry when you get closer to the ground but good detail on the ground is not important in this game. The plain models are good and I really love the instant replay. The weather affects are great and the sound affects kick butt. Plus the music can be aczilerating. The only problem is, the gameplay. It very very good, but also very very easy. If you are looking for a challenge in the skies, dont look in this direction. But if you're a hardcore fan or like fighter jets(like me) than ace combat four is just for you. It is a classic and I consider it better than Ace Combat 5