Pikmin 3 review???

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So wheres the Review then Gamespot, I know you hate Nintendo but you could at least do a review as pretty much everyone else has 

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I also noticed this, literally every other review site has managed to churn a review out for it, but for some reason GS has just failed to do so...surely being the first to review "big" games is a prioroty for a site like this, or so you would think anyways D:

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Unfortunatly Gamespot are not big supporters of Nintendo proven by some obvious poor reviews.
Zombiu was given a 4, luigis mansion 2 a 6

And if carolyn is reviewing Pikmin 3 it will probably be to hard for her and it will lose 2 or 3 marks alone for that


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lolWii U :lol:

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the horror of it is apparently she is doing the review - and I said the same exact thing you did....she will find it too hard and there are not enough females, or some other stupid reason to give the game a 6/10

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They are waiting until its safe to slap it in the 6.0 - 7.0 rating range for hits.