Pikmin 2 Cheats For GameCube

  1. Strange bees

    These bees are found in the wistful wildness on days 31,61,91,121 etc up to 300.
    These drop loads of nector and many potions.
    Try it out!

    Contributed by: rhys_jones2 

  2. Hidden Pikmin 1 Theme Song

    Assemble 20 of each of the 5 colored Pikmin into a single group to hear them hum the Japanese Pikmin 1 theme song, Ai no Uta by Strawberry Flower.

    Contributed by: midwinter 

  3. Fun on the Title Screen

    Press X to make a Bulborb walk in, control it with c-stick and eat with Z.
    Press Y to make a Flint Beatle appear, control withc-stick.
    Press L to revert everything back to normal (except for any eaten pikmin)
    Press R to make the Pikmin say Nintendo.

    Contributed by: Areo Crunch 

  4. Petrify enemies in log book

    While looking at an enemy in Olimar's journal, press the Z button to encase it in stone for a little while. This doesn't work on harmless plants.

    Contributed by: Grenade Guzzler 

  5. Animal Crossing Reference

    As you continue to collect treasure, you'll eventually come across one called the Gyroid Bust. This refers to the Gyroids, collectible items featured in the game Animal Crossing.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  6. Unlockable Levels

    Code Effect
    Collect the sphere map in Emergence Cave. Awakening Wood
    Collect the exploration map in the Awakening Wood. Perplexing Pool
    Repay the 10,000 pokos of your company's debt. Wistful Wild

    Contributed by: JoeCoolc3 III 

  7. Misc. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Rescue Louie from Titan Dweevil at Dream Den Louie's Cooking Notes
    Complete all 30 Challenge Mode Arenas obtaining pink flowers (ie no Pikmin deaths). Louie's Dark Secret movie
    Defeat the Beady Long Legs at the bottom of the Spider Citadle, and bring the key to the recon drone thing. Challenge Mode
    Collect 10,000 pocos to save Hokotate Intergalactic Delivery, then choose to continue. Shacho
    Collect 10,000 pocos Cinemas and Credits
    Collect all the pieces and rescue Looie. Treasure Completion Movie
    Collect all items in any series Sales Pitch
    collect 10,000 pokos gold ship

    Contributed by: Hunter Kurapica 

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