Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Found the first epic treasure: Excalibur! The Lost Temple
    Found the second epic treasure: Two-Headed T-Rex Skull! Spelunkers
    Found the third epic treasure: Sea King's Golden Trident Out of the Blue
    Destroyed Dr Doofenshmirtz’s Attract-Cool-Stuff-Inator. Self-destruct engaged
    Found your first treasure chest. Something cool
    Found 20 treasures of any kind. Filling it up
    Found 40 treasures of any kind. Halfway cool
    Found every treasure. Way cool! Museum of cool
    Found the Giant Floating Baby Head treasure. Giant Floating Baby Head
    Found Nosey's baby tooth. Loose Tooth
    Found the rare Ducky Momo collectible plate. Plateful of Ducky Momo
    Found the Mars Queen Crown. All hail the Mars Queen!
    Found the Marvelous Super Agent P Comic. What's that in the sky?
    Found your first Lawn Gnome. Go home, Gnome
    Found all the Lawn Gnomes. Gnome Liberator
    Upgraded the Museum to "Museum of Super Cool" Lookin' good
    Upgraded the Museum to "Museum of Ultra Cool" Lookin' great
    Upgraded the Museum to "Coolest Museum Ever" Lookin' amazing
    Completed all of Isabella's requests. Whatcha doin'?
    Helped Baljeet get the A+++ grade. Grade A+++
    Completed all of Buford's challenges. Race around the world
    Equipped the polka dot pink color. Color me polka dot pink
    Equipped the Pizza Wheel. Fast Food
    Equipped the Bouncy Sound Module. Sounds Cool!
    Equipped every customization piece. Fashion Aficionado
    Fully upgraded the All-Terrain Transformatron.\r\n Upgrade Complete!
    Completed the game at 101%. Complete 101%
    Found the fourth epic treasure: Mystic Monolith! Boys on the Moon
    Self-destruct engaged, once again Self-destruct engaged, again

    Contributed by: Guard Master