Phantom Brave Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Very good sword and character

    Right when you start the game you should be on the island with recruits. Take the recruits to the roof and throw them to the big tree, stack all of them on top of each other, now clime on them and keep hitting the jump button, you should find a character named Bottle Mail, have marona summon it, then go in the tutorial missions, when you reach lifting and throwing, confine the bottle mail to the sword snakish and have him run from the enemies.

  2. Hidden Stages and Characters

    Code Effect
    Beat the game Extra Map 1
    Beat Extra Map 1 Extra Map 2
    Beat Extra Map 2 Extra Map 3, Etna, and Flonne (Fallen Angel form)
    Beat Extra Map 3 Extra Map 4
    Beat Extra Map 4 Extra Map 5 and Laharl
    Beat Extra Map 5 Mid-Boss
    Clear a random dungeon with 30+ floors, with Level 300+ enemies on the bottom floor Extra Map 6
    Beat Extra Maps 1-6 Extra Map 7
    Clear a random dungeon with 50+ floors, with Level 500+ enemies on the bottom floor, and have unlocked Extra Map 6 Extra Map 8
    Beat Extra Map 8 Myao
    Clear a random dungeon with 99 floors, with Level 1000+ enemies on the bottom floor, and have unlocked Extra Maps 6 and 8 Extra Map 9
    Beat Extra Map 9 Extra Map 10 and Baal
  3. The Changebook

    This item has a very unique ability, not it's great in-combat worth, but it's ability to allow you to walk about Marona\'s Island as any other phantom you have summoned. Just pick up the changebook, walk over to the other unit, and press R2. Presto! You no longer control Ash, but this other phantom (or Marona, if you so desire)!

    To unlock: On Marona's Island, walk to the back of the house, hop onto the deck, and then onto the roof. Climb to the highpoint, (earning 100 bordeaux along the way) and jump over to the big tree. (Slightly hard to do.) Once on the tree, jump back, and the changebook is yours! Talk to Marona to summon it.

    Code Effect
    On Marona's Island, climb to the roof of her house, jump to the tree, and jump back to the roof. Changebook
    Climb to Marona's roof (Only once!) 100 bordeaux

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