Great graphics and gameplay, good for ALMOST all kind of players.

Assassin's Creed is a game a little confusing in the start(and in the end), but after few minutes i'll learn to climb, fight, hide, and other things. The combat system is short and easy. In this game, you can climb everything, the problem is the flags, in all the game are 480 flags, when you collect 100 flags of a kind, you say:
-I win 25 gamerscore for 100 flags?
You must kill 9 persons in the game, first you must investigate about your target, you need do short missions to discover one thing about your target, this missions are: Eavesdrop, just sit in a nearby breach and listen the conversation of 2 peoples. Pickpocket, you must pick up a thing in the belt of someone. Interrogation, you must intimidate a person who know too much, is just punch, and after kill. Informer, a people who need kill 2 - 5 templars or collect flags, you do it, and he give you a information. The game have other things like view points(climb a building and see the area to update your map) and save citizen(save a people of aggressive guards) and kill 60 templars, who are hided in 5 maps.

If you're a player who just want death, combat and blood, don't buy this game, because in this game, have time to fight, and time to hide.