A perfect balance of RPG, Action, Visuals, and Voice Acting.

When i got my xbox 360 for the first time about 3 years ago, i had a little bit extra money. i saw mass effect sitting on the shelf and being a huge sci fi fan i decided why not try it out? i never bought a game without renting it first but i had good sources telling me it was great.

in all honestly my first impression was kind of blah. i was used to playing call of duty and halo all the time and the convorsation things didnt click with me.
suddenly, like out of the blue it just clicked, i got literally hooked to the story line and being able to choose whatn you said was perfect for me. i was blown away by how fleshed out the story is told and how seemingly great the action element was. i even found my self getting emotionally attached to the characters in the game.

dont even get me started on the voice acting. Mark Meer (voice actor of the male shepard) was one of my favorites. most people dont think so but anyone who can put a good (paragon) or bad (renegade) spin off of every convorsation is incredible. all the voice actors did incredible work on this.

all in all i think this is a game you should definatly pick up. maybe youll like it, maybe you love, or maybe youll hate it. still i think you should at least give this amazing game a chance