Phantasy Star Portable 2 Cheats For PSP

  1. Unlockable Phantasy Star Online Clothes/Parts

    Complete the game on Hard Mode

    Code Effect
    Complete the game on Normal Mode Shizuru Replica (Male only)
    Complete the game on Hard Mode Fonewm Top/Bottom
    Complete the game on Hard Mode HUmar Top/Bottom
    Complete the game on Hard Mode Voloyal Set(Female)
    Complete the game on Hard Mode Ceremonial Wear(Female)
    Complete the game on Hard Mode Amorosso Top(Female)
    Complete the game on Hard Mode Ramarl Top
    Complete the game on Hard Mode Vivienne Replica
    Complete the game on Hard Mode Cast Voloyal Set
    Complete the game on Hard Mode RAcaseal Torso/Arms/Legs
    Complete the game on Hard Mode HUcaseal Torso/Arms/Legs
    Complete the game on Hard Mode Neo-Magashi Replica
    Complete the game on Hard Mode HUcas Torso/Arms/Legs
    Complete the game on Hard Mode RAcas Torso/Arms/Legs
    Complete the game on Hard Mode FOmar Set
    Complete the game on Hard Mode RAmar
    Complete the game on Hard Mode Formal Set (FOmarl)
    Complete the game on Hard Mode HUnewearl Set
    Complete the game on Hard Mode FOnewearl Set

    Contributed by: hikari198 

  2. Movie Threater

    To Watch CutScenes

    Code Effect
    Complete The Game Movie Threater

    Contributed by: ascider 

  3. Shizuru Partner Card

    To get Shizuru, you need to get True Ending by getting S-Rank on all story missions and answering the right choices given to you at some missions. Shizuru will help you fight the Final Boss if you've done it and get his Partner Card.

    Code Effect
    Get True Ending Shizuru Shu

    Contributed by: Rhyperior_07 

  4. Unlockable Titles

    Rewards are unlocked by accomplishing "tasks" or targets in game. These are shown on the Visiphone in the player's room, under "Title Log".

    Code Effect
    Defeat 5 De Ragans De Ragan Slayer
    Defeat a Darbelan Iron Fist
    Defeat 500 creatures Super Rookie
    Defeat 2,500 creatures Super Ace
    Defeat 5,000 creatures Super Hero
    Become friends with Emilia Emila's BFF
    Become friends with Yut Yut's Mentor
    Become friends with Kraz Kraz's Right Hand
    Become friends with Ursula Ursula's Sidearm
    Become friends with Chelsea Chelsea's Wallet
    Become friends with Shizuru Shizuru's Refuge
    Become friends with Lumia Lumia's New Partner
    Become friends with Ethan Ethan's Heir Apparent
    Become friends with Lou Lou's Coprocessor
    Become friends with Maya Maya's Tastetester
    Become friends with Tonnio Tonnio's Wingman
    Become friends with Liina Liina's Babysitter
    Become friends with Vivienne Vivienne's Beloved
    Become friends with a MySynth Breaker of Boundaries
    Customize a MySynth Synthesizer
    Begin Chapter 2 Agent
    Begin Chapter 3 Mercenary
    Begin Chapter 4 Hotshot
    Begin Chapter 5 Scavenger
    Begin Chapter 6 Scout
    Begin Chapter 7 Seeker
    Begin Chapter 8 Confidant
    Begin Chapter 9 Maestro
    Begin Chapter 10 Virtuoso
    Begin Final Chapter Champion
    Complete Good Ending Hero of the Day
    Complete Best Ending Hero of the People
    Complete 5 Open Missions Opportunist
    Complete 25 Open Missions Beacon of Hope
    Complete 50 Open Missions VIP Material
    Reach Level 3 Beginner
    Reach Level 10 Rookie
    Reach Level 20 Hopeful
    Reach Level 30 Leader
    Reach Level 40 Chief
    Reach Level 50 Elite
    Reach Level 60 Ace
    Reach Level 70 Veteran
    Reach Level 80 Prince
    Reach Level 90 King
    Reach Level 100 Master
    Reach Level 120 Captain
    Reach Level 140 Hero
    Reach Level 160 Luminary
    Reach Level 180 Overlord
    Reach Level 200 Legend
    Reach Hunter Level 10 Angry Warrior
    Reach Hunter Level 20 Whirling Dervish
    Reach Hunter Level 30 Destroyer of Worlds
    Reach Ranger Level 10 Silent Assassin
    Reach Ranger Level 20 Demonic Sniper
    Reach Ranger Level 30 Nuclear Warhead
    Reach Force Level 10 Shining Cleric
    Reach Force Level 20 Envoy of the Light
    Reach Force Level 30 Guardian of the Light
    Reach Vanguard Level 10 Lionheart
    Reach Vanguard Level 20 Warrior's Gale
    Reach Vanguard Level 30 Fist of the Heavens
    Be capable of equipping 25 C-Rank weapons Emerging Talent
    Be capable of equipping 20 B-Rank weapons Jack-of-All-Trades
    Be capable of equipping 15 A-Rank weapons Chameleon
    Be capable of equipping 10 S-Rank weapons Master of Arms
    Play over 10 hours on 1 char Observer of History
    Play over 25 hours on 1 char Rewriter of History
    Play over 50 hours on 1 char Seer of Subspace
    Play over 100 hours on 1 char Walker of Worlds
    Defeat 5 Mother Brains Mother Brain Slayer
    Dodge 50 times Evasion Expert
    Dodge 250 times Artful Dodger
    Defend (Guard/Block) 50 times Defense Expert
    Defend (Guard/Block) 250 times Steel Wall
    Perform 50 Perfect Blocks Reflex Expert
    Perform 250 Perfect Blocks Block King
    Deal over 300 damage in 1 hit Crusher
    Deal over 1,000 damage in 1 hit Berserker
    Deal over 2,500 damage in 1 hit Demolisher
    Hold 10,000,000 Meseta Millionnaire
    Spend 10,000,000 Meseta Shopaholic
    Collect 50% of Knuckles Knuckles Collector
    Collect 50% of Spears Spear Collector
    Collect 50% of Twin Daggers Twin Daggers Collector
    Collect 50% of Daggers Dagger Collector
    Collect 50% of Rifles Rifle Collector
    Collect 50% of Shotguns Shotgun Collector
    Collect 50% of Longbows Longbow Collector
    Collect 50% of Twin Handguns Twin Handguns Collector
    Collect 50% of Handguns Handgun Collector
    Collect 50% of Machineguns Machinegun Collector
    Collect 50% of R-Mags R-Mag Collector
    Collect 50% of Rods Rod Collector
    Collect 50% of Wands Wand Collector
    Collect 50% of Tech-Mags Tech-Mag Collector
    Obtain 60% Fire weapon & armor Lord of Flame
    Obtain 60% Ice weapon & armor Lord of Frost
    Obtain 60% Lightning weapon & armor Lord of Storms
    Obtain 60% Earth weapon & armor Lord of Tremors
    Obtain 60% Dark weapon & armor Lord of the Abyss
    Upgrade weapons 100 times Customizing Maniac
    Obtain Clarita Visas II Child Prodigy
    Obtain 10 costumes Artiste
    Obtain 50 costumes Trendsetter
    Obtain 100 costumes Fashionista
    Add 5 songs to the Jukebox Cantabile
    Add 25 songs to the Jukebox Diva
    Find Naura's Confectionary Sweet Tooth
    Find a Pizza Shack Pizza Paisan
    Play with a friend in Multiplayer One of Many
    Complete 10 Multiplayer Open Missions Thread of Camaraderie
    Complete 10 client requests Civic Savior
    Complete 25 client requests Little Wing Savior
    Destroy 1,000 containers Containerbane
    Place room decorations 10 times Interior Decorator
    Place room decorations 100 times Interior Designer
    Remodel room once Engineer
    Remodel room 10 times Mastermind
    Change outfits 10 times Queen of Chic
    Change outfits 100 times King of Chic
    Receive 5 blessings Sayo's Fan
    Receive 30 blessings Sayo's Friend
    Import Character Data Veteran Guardian
    Get 30 Titles Weaver of History
    Get 100 Titles The Chosen
    Become friends with Karen Karen's Consultant
    Defeated 5 Bil de Goluses Bil de Golus Slayer
    Recognized as a rival by Magashi (similar to befriending him) Magashi's New Rival
    Obtain 60% Light weapon & armor Lord of Brilliance

    Contributed by: vinceres_lunei 

  5. Unlockables

    Get True Ending by getting S-Rank on all story missions and answering the right choices given to you at some missions.You get Tethis after defeating the final boss.You get the Crimson Wings as a title reward.

    Code Effect
    Get True Ending Crimson Wings
    Get True Ending Tethis

    Contributed by: _WILPETER_LAO_ 

  6. Vision Phone Codes (US)

    Enter these codes on the vision phone in your room.

    Code Effect
    29888026 Clarita Visas (rod)
    54186516 Puyo Pop Fever Gun (mech gun)
    32091120 Bullet Lancer (lance)
    30495153 Toop Nasur (Yut’s Spear)
    53962481 Maverick Rifle (Fanta Collab)
    33286491 Scouring Bubble (Fanta Collab)
    41325468 Alis Landale Poster
    11293398 Puyo Pop Fists
    34819852 Sonic Knuckles
    12344321 Hatsune Miku's Leek Wand
    74612418 Ogi's Head
    34162313 Special Pizza Cutter
    89747981 Pizza Shack D Box
    32549411 Platinum Tiger (Male Clothes)
    32549413 Platinum Tiger (Male Parts)
    32549412 Platinum Tiger (Female Clothes)
    32549414 Platinum Tiger (Female Parts)
    32549410 Angry Marshmellow
    98443461 Trauma Bandages (Male Clothes)
    98443462 Trauma Bandages (Female Clothes)
    98443463 Trauma Bandages (Male Parts)
    98443464 Trauma Bandages (Female Parts)
    98443460 Crutches
    72401991 Lovely Feathers (Female Clothes)
    72401992 Lovely Feathers (Female Parts)
    72401990 Art Javelin
    41761771 Hanhei Tsunagin (Male Clothes)
    41761772 Hanhei Tsunagin (Male Parts)
    41761770 True Hash
    48168861 Blank Epoch (Male Clothes
    48168862 Blank Epoch (Male Parts)
    48168860 Telltale Hearts
    55687361 Magical Princess (Female Clothes)
    55687362 Magical Princess (Female Parts)
    55687360 Mr. Ekoeko Stick
    39395341 Miku Hatsune Dress (female clothes grey/green)
    39395342 Miku Hatsune Dress (female parts)
    39395343 Miku's Leek Saber
    39395344 Miku's T. Leek Sabers
    39395345 Miku's Leek Rifle
    54333358 Edelweiss Figurine (Decoration)
    24932278 Akahara Reisou (male clothes black x black)
    24932279 Akahara Reisou (male clothes white x black)
    24932280 Akahara Reisou (male parts)
    46815464 Kansho Bayuka (up to 50%)
    15644322 Plug Suit Shinji (male parts)
    46211351 Plug Suit Rei (female clothes white/black)
    46211352 Plug Suit Rei (female parts)
    34336181 Plug Suit Asuka (female clothes red/black)
    34336182 Plug Suit Asuka (female parts)
    32143166 Longinus Lance (up to 50%)
    54684698 The Rappy of Hope
    15644321 Plug Suit Shinji (male clothes)
    76416348 Excalibur weapon
    84639190 Knight-King Armor (Female clothes blue x white)
    84639191 Knight-King Armor (Female clothes red x white)
    84639192 Knight-King Armor (Female clothes green x white)
    84639193 Knight-King Armor (Female clothes yellow x white)
    84639194 Knight-King Armor (Female clothes purple x white)
    84639195 Knight-King Armor (Female clothes pink x white)
    84639196 Knight-King Armor (Female clothes light blue x white)
    84639197 Knight-King Armor (Female clothes gold x white)
    84639198 Knight-King Armor (Female clothes white x white)
    84639199 Knight-King Armor (Female clothes black x white)
    84639200 Knight-King Armor (Female parts)
    24932270 Akahara Reisou (male clothes white x white)
    24932271 Akahara Reisou (male clothes blue x black)
    24932272 Akahara Reisou (male clothes yellow x black)
    24932273 Akahara Reisou (male clothes green x black)
    24932274 Akahara Reisou (male clothes purple x black)
    88619433 Unlock game pro kunuckles
    51355131 Unlock Ochakendoog
    51355134 Unlock Panda table
    43326648 Unlock Play Blu Edge
    64991154 Unlock Nei's Partnership
    51355132 Tea-Dog Plush
    51355133 New Tea-Dog Plush
    21887733 PS Magazine R-Mag
    33974688 Toxic Cannon
    51355134 Tea Dog Plush
    24932270 Akahara Reisou (male clothes red x black)

    Contributed by: Kuma507 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by ForkNToaster 97K
Walkthrough Walkthrough by DeviFoxx 31K