Phantasy Star Online Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. Extra Character Animations

    On your Dreamcast keyboard, hold down the Alt key and press any of the F-keys (F1, F2, ...F12). Your character will perform an animation.

    NOTE: This only works in the online lobby; it doesn't work offline or in an online game.

    Contributed by: NTsui 

  2. Screen Shot

    For this you need an extra controller, aswell as a VMU with 195 free blocks on it. Plug the 2nd controller in to the 4th socket (D) with the VMU in the 2nd slot of this controller. Get to where you want to take the screen shot, then hit X, Y and Start simultaneously on the 2nd controller. You should now have an image in that VMU.

    Contributed by: ruhztee 

  3. Camera Trick

    To view your teammate's camera views while in the areas (Forest, Caves, etc.), simply have a controller plugged into Controller Port 3, then on that controller, press and hold the L and R Triggers, then press Up on the D-Pad. If done right, your view will change to a view of one of your teammates.

    Contributed by: Nemesis 

  4. Browse the Internet with the built-in browser.

    Select the ''Website'' option, when the browser pops-up press and hold the (START) button and press the (A) 10 times(both at the same time), after you do this the full version of PSO becomes unlocked, but you will have to do it each time you want to use it. After you unlock it use the following commands:

    URL Input: Hold X and press A (on the lower bar)
    Save a Pic: Hold X and press A (on the picture)
    View History: Hold X and press Y
    Bookmarks: Hold X and press B

    Contributed by: GuitarMan 

  5. Negate Enemy and Trap

    Enemies and Traps when in close vicinity of the player, tend to force them to walk when they should be running. Simply hit START to bring up the menu, and the effect is negated. You can run past a string of traps or a convergence of enemies this way...

    Contributed by: Godheval 

  6. Walk through blocked doors

    This glitch can be exploited to walk through any blocked door or obstacle in the game. Unequip any weapon you have so that your character uses only the punching and kicking attack. find a blocked door and place your character so its back is against the wall and its frontside is facing another wall so that he cannot move forward, now use the unequiped characters 3 stage attack

    When the character finishes the 3 stage combo he moves backwards a short distance , even if your characters back was completly parallel against the wall , keep using the 3 stage combo and eventually you will have completly made your way through the door

    Note: This trick is hardest to pull off on the forest stage

    Note 2: The trick can also be used to avoid all the back tracking needed to unlock the ruins stage

    Contributed by: whoisthisgit 

  7. Hidden Artwork

    Insert the Phantasy Star Online GD-ROM into any PC CD-ROM drive. Inside the folder ''extras'' there is wallpaper art from Sonic Team in two resolutions. This does not work on Mac CD/DVD-ROM drives, for some reason.

    Contributed by: NTsui 

  8. Load Screen Trick

    When the screen is loading move the D-Pad or the Analog Stick around and you will be moving a little beam of light.

    Contributed by: StriderHiryu 

  9. Hard Mode / Very Hard Mode

    Beat the offline version of the game to access ''Hard'' mode. Beat ''Hard'' mode to get ''Very Hard'' mode. You get more experience and better items in these modes.

    Contributed by: NTsui 

  10. Extra Costume Colors

    To get extra costume colors while creating your character, enter the following names for your class. Hit (B) to go back after entering the name and you will be able to select 2 extra costume colors!

    Code Effect
    KSKAUDONSU HUmar Costume Colors
    MOUEOSRHUN HUnewearl Costume Colors
    RUUHANGBRT HUcast Costume Colors
    SOUDEGMKSG RAmar Costume Colors
    MEIAUGHSYN RAcat Costume Colors
    NUDNAFJOOH RAcaseal Costume Colors
    DNEAOHUHEK FOmarl Costume Colors
    ASUEBHEBUI FOnewm Costume Colors
    XSYGSSHEOH FOnewearl Costume Colors

    Contributed by: NTsui 

  11. Get all secret costumes

    When at the Create a Character screen, enter in this cheat to get 3 secret costumes for each character.

    Code Effect
    SHUGRADJYT Gives you 3 costumes for each of the 12 characters

    Contributed by: ProtoManEXE88 

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Phantasy Star Online Cheats For PC

  1. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Beat the game offline on the Normal difficulty setting Hard Mode
    Beat the game offline on the Hard difficulty setting Very Hard Mode

    Contributed by: eli0918 

  2. Ultimate mode

    Code Effect
    Beat the game on very hard Ultimate Mode

    Contributed by: Kung Fu Tiger 

  3. Skip Credits

    Code Effect
    Type URAENDING at the title screen Skip Credits

    Contributed by: Hawk Eye 

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