Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. See the ending

    Type URAENDING in the title screen to see the ending.

    Contributed by: Gab Gab 

  2. Change The Camera Angle

    Place any controller into Port B on your Dreamcast. During gameplay, press and hold the L Trigger on that controller. You can then change the camera angles. Rotate it with the joystick, zoom out with Y, zoom in with A, and have it hover over your character with the R Trigger. Release L to make the camera go back to its normal position.

    Contributed by: miffo 

  3. Play With The Load Screen

    Push the D-pad or Joystick during the loading screens to make a ball of light move around. It's useless, but something to do while waiting.

    Contributed by: miffo 

  4. Play With The Ending Screen

    During the final screen after beating the last boss, press L or R to make the lines on the screen move around. You can't move the characters this time, however.

    Contributed by: miffo 

  5. Hidden Images On Disc

    Just like with PSOver01, with PSOver02 if you put the disc in your PC it contains 3 wallpaper images in 2 different formats. 800x600 and 1024x768 in .bmp format.

    Contributed by: tearsofbloodished 

  6. Unlocking Difficulties Online

    Code Effect
    Obtain Level 20 Hard Mode
    Obtain Level 40 Very Hard Mode
    Obtain Level 80 Ultimate Mode

    Contributed by: Ryanbomber 

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