Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution Cheats For GameCube

  1. Chair in Online lobbies

    Press either X+A or X+B while in any online lobby to create a Photon chair. The color of the the chair is based on your Section ID. Press A to move forward, and B to get out of it.

    Contributed by: timpkmn89 

  2. Musical Loading Screen

    In the loading screen that appears when you're loading a character, beginning or ending a quest, if you press the A button you will hear notes. Also, if you move the control stick, the background will change colour.

    Contributed by: Necromage 

  3. Hidden Billy Hatcher Video

    Using a keyboard, hold down both the G and B letters at the title screen. Instead of seeing the PSO Ep3 preview video, you will see the one for Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.

    Contributed by: Shinryu Masaki 

  4. Unlock The Dressing Room

    Complete both the Hunters and Arks story lines in the Offline Story Mode to unlock the Dressing Room. After you use it once, it will disapear. To unlock it again, complete either the Hunter or Arkz story. You will need to unlock it again by completing either story again after every time you use it.

    Code Effect
    Complete both Offline Stories Dressing Room ( First Time )
    Complete either Offline Story Dressing Room ( After First Time )

    Contributed by: Bendilin 

  5. Game Save Cards

    Unlock the following cards by going to the trading machine, in either Story, Free Battle, or Online mode, and selecting ''Search Event Files'' from the menu while you have the save files from the following games on the same memory card.

    Code Effect
    Have a "PSO Ep I & II" Game Save on Memory Card Nano Dragon Card
    Have a "Sonic Adventure DX" Game Save on Memory Card Sange Card
    Have a "Sonic Adveture 2 Battle" Game Save on Memory Card Rage Card
    Have a "Sonic Heroes" Game Save on Memory Card Beat Card
    Have a "Sonic Heroes" Game Save on Memory Card Halloween Rappy Card
    Have a "Sonic Heroes" Game Save on Memory Card Sonic Knuckle Card
    Have a "Sonic Mega Collection" Game Save on Memory Card Madam's Umbrella Card
    Have a "Billy Hatcher" Game Save on Memory Card Clippen Card

    Contributed by: Bendilin 

  6. Unlock Character Cards

    To obtain all of the Story Character Cards, you need to complete the following Quests on their respective Story Mode.

    Code Effect
    Complete Sighting 1 (Heroside) Kilrya, Viviana and Teifu
    Complete Sighting 2 (Heroside) Relmitos, Orland and Guykild
    Complete Development 1 (Heroside) Saligun, Stella and Glustar
    Complete Ruin Smugglers/Love Quest 1 (Darkside; either Quest will unlock Characters) K.C., Memoru and Rufina
    Complete Unseen Enemy 1 (Darkside) Rio, Peko and Hyze
    Complete First Strike (Darkside) Reiz, Creinu and Ohgun

    Contributed by: Hawk Eye 

  7. Unlockable Event Cards

    Code Effect
    Collect all Creature Cards (N4-SS) Recky
    Collect all Item Cards (N4-SS) Red Ring
    Collect all Actions Cards (N4-SS) Parry
    Collect all Assist Cards (N4-SS) Dice Fever +
    Collect all 477 Cards (All N4-SS) Del Rappy

    Contributed by: Hawk Eye 

  8. Free Mode Quests

    Code Effect
    Complete Sighting 2 (Hunters) or Unseen Enemy 1 (Arkz) Mission 1
    Complete Morgue Attack (Hunters) or Morgue Raid (Arkz) Mission 2
    Complete either Story Mode Mission 3

    Contributed by: Hawk Eye 

  9. Card Rewards

    Complete the following Quests and talk to the respective Story Character to get the listed card.

    Code Effect
    Complete "Chance Meeting" Alive Aqhu from Viviana
    Complete "A Brief Rest" Broom from Relmitos
    Complete "Great Rescue" Territory from Stella
    Complete "Test of Power" Madness from Orland
    Complete "Tough Partner" MC Guard from Teifu
    Complete "Info on Blitz" Bullet Storm from Kylria
    Complete "Emotions Clash" Chain Sword from Saligun
    Complete "Dream Present" Harisen Battle Fan from Glustar
    Complete "Nostalgic Spot" Canadine from
    Complete "Evaluation" Pal Shark from Rio
    Complete "Cake of Dreams" Cave Wind from Peko
    Complete "Jewel Fountain" Companion from Creinu
    Complete Song Request" Mighty Knuckle from Hyze
    Complete "Flashbacks" Round Slay from Reiz
    Complete "Looking Inward" Pan Arms from K.C.
    Complete "Save the Rappy" Split Boost from Ohgun
    Complete "The Real Me" Punch from Rufina

    Contributed by: Hawk Eye 

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