Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Plus Cheats For GameCube

  1. Avoiding Traps

    Just like in the Dreamcast version of this game, if you go into the menu screen (select the ''z'' button), you will not pause at all when walking by traps. This allows you to walk through trapped halls without stopping, waiting, or shooting the traps.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  2. 3 Online Only Gameboy Download Games

    There are 3 mini-games that can be unlocked by playing quests online. Once you have them, you can download them in a special quest, ''Pioneer Warehouse'' which is also available online only. The difficulty does not matter and you only need to unlock each game once per character.

    Code Effect
    Get an S rank in the quest "Reach for the Dream" Chu Chu Rocket
    Complete the "Dream Messanger" quest Nights
    In the quest "Gallon's Shop" by the Medical Center, touch the glowing orb Puyo Pop

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  3. Unlock Hard, Very Hard and Ultimate Difficulties

    To unlock Hard Mode beat the game on Normal. To unlock Very Hard Mode, beat the game on Hard Mode. To unlock Ultimate Mode, Beat the game on Very Hard Mode.

    In order to unlock these difficulties online you must achieve Level 20 for Hard, 40 for Very Hard, and 80 for Ultimate.

    If you beat a difficulty in either episode it will be unlocked for the other episode also.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

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