And this is how it is done!!!

User Rating: 10 | Persona 4: The Golden VITA
well I just wanna rewview because it is an example of how u can make a good rpg game, also it is a remake but its perfect and u have more dungeons and other stuff, this game has it all, u never feel bored, or tired u wanna know more, and u can connect with all the characters, the story is great and the gameplay its awesome, because its not the classic rpg where u have to spend hours leveling up, u spend more time with the characters, shopping, fishing, reading, leveling social ranks, well this game is excelent.
The gameplay is quite easy, the graphics are really great sometimes its like u can fell the colors, this game its very different from other rpg games u have lots of lots to do never gets old, and the dungeons are incredible, the monsters are very cool, and the difficulty its just right , its not an easy game its not too hard so u can get bored because its an rpg, u should get it whe u buy it and I would not say more because I dont want to spoil the game because its awesome and all the reviews say it,
iF U HAVE A VITA BUY IT, its worth it.