Masterpiece in any system

User Rating: 10 | Persona 4: The Golden VITA
This game was suggested to me by various Persona 3 Portable players around the world. I decided to get P3P to get myself introduced to the Persona franchise. Persona 3 was possibly one of the best titles on PSP. Having enjoyed at least 75 hours on P3P, I decided to get P4G on the launch date. I do not remember ever getting suck into the game story line so quickly and completely. P4G is far superior to P3P in every way. Even though this is a remake of a PS 2 game, the game shines on Vita with additional contents and graphics. The game system takes some getting used to especially social interactions and fusing persona's. However, the learning curve is not very long and can quickly get used to the game play. The game is very long yet somehow did not feel long enough. The game play can easily get over 80 hours. One interesting aspect of this game is that Japanese culture is represented in various ways in this game. This is a masterpiece in every sense.

PS Vita has some excellent games released in first year even though the system has not taken off. Persona 4 Golden has definitely took over the top of Vita games in my view. This will not be a system defining game but is a must for all Vita owners.