*sigh* HRF question, auto-scan.

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I readed the entire guide to get the trophy, but i just dont get it.

It says that i should get 2 lines for each element, for each enemy level (strong, similar, weak) and strong/weak against said element.

It says that Rise should comment on that and it should appear on the top as a written comment... but it doesnt, it.never.does, not once.

I read the lines on the guide, and they are exactly the same Rise says, but, they are never written, they are just told by her when i scan... what gives?

This also happens with auto-scan, she does the green thingie, tells the line EXACTLY as its told in the guide, but it never appears as a written comment. Does this count? How do i get them to appear as text?

I do get the status lines, the critical lines, and so fort as text... but i never get the individual weakness lines that should appear in text form (according to the guide), only as audio coments. Its very frustrating.

There are other lines at the beginning of the battle, but they are about 10 per dungeon or so, and they are not the individual lines im looking for, it just gives a "general" comment, like "There is an enemy weak to darkness, they are doomed" add nauseam, but the 2 individual lines listed (2 for each enemy level) never appear.

Whats happening here? According to the guide the only ones i can miss are the strong enemy ones if i level up Rise, but the rest should be attainable... is the game bugged?, or does that lines count even when not in text (since they are the exact same)?, or do i have like 1/1000000000000 of getting one of those at the start of a battle? (feels like it). Again, only lines i get as text are the same 5-8 general ones i get in every single battle.

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Whoa exactly the info i'm looking for! Anobody please?