Quick newbie question. No spoilers.

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About to start my very first playthrough of the game but I heard from someone, something about a true ending. With just a simple yes and no answer can someone tell me without elaborating.

a) Whether there really is really an officially stated one at all?

b) Is it quite possible to get it on a first playthrough?

Thanks in advance

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Also sorry if this has been asked. I didn't want to trawl through the forums in case of spoilers.

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... or am I just talking about something that nobody has any clue on? :P

Any help out there?

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I don't see why not, so yes and yes.

Even if you don't get it on your first try, some stuff will be brought over to make a second playthrough that much easier.

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There is an anime about Persona 4 right now.  It's basically a mirror of the game, and it'll show you how the game is supposed to be played out (in a sense).

It won't spoil anything for you, and since the story's pretty much the same, you can just watch and play at different times.