A rather Beautiful MMORPG that's good to look at but stares back at your wallet when you expect things to be 'perfect'.

User Rating: 6.5 | Perfect World International PC
First thing you will notice about PW is its superior top-notch graphics quality. Not much other F2P MMOs beat that. Even it poses a serious challenge for P2P ones. You can take a screenshot anywhere and call it a wallpaper.

Double that up with the best character customization in a MMO and you will soon get addicted to PW right away. Its character customize screen is an innovation. With so many details you can set on your character's face its nearly impossible to find a look-alike unless you look hard for it.

As you take your first step into the gorgeous world backed up with well matched musical tracks and start working on leveling up you will suddenly notice this is an old book under a glossy cover.

Experience rate is pathetically slow. No one wants to spend 8 years to reach level 80. None of the quests are THAT inspiring either. They are lame and boring ones with having similar thing to do over and over again. Growth in this game is only fast for those who pay real cash.

Community in this game is horrible. Many people there are selfish cocky players who only care about their own profits. Most of those people are spending cash behind the game while newcomers keeps getting harassed. They are aided with the free Player Kill system. Which means as soon as you reach level 30, you are likely to get killed by a level 70 and you cant do anything about it but just watch yourself die. Kill stealing is another menace.

Classes are clearly not balanced either. The balance can be 'bought' off the cash shop however. Speaking of which, there are only a handful of classes in the game. Monsters and annoying and dungeons are painfully difficult even with a full crew of the same level of the monsters inside.

The game world is one huge map which is rare thing in a MMORPG. I actually like it that way. But navigating it is a pain. You can ride mounts but its costly. All classes gain access to flight after level 20s but the flight is a joke. You'd rather want to walk than to fly cause like everything else in the game, its extremely slow.

In the end the game is good to look and worth a try. But the way it lures F2P seekers into it calling it a F2P game and then putting them in situations where paying is the best way to go, I would rather pay and play War of Warcraft than this.

I give it 6.5 for its superior graphics and amazing character customization options. The game has nothing else to make it a user-friendly experience.

STORY - 5/10
GRAPHICS - 10/10
SOUND - 7/10
OVERALL - 6.5/10