The Xbox 360 launch Killer App

User Rating: 9.8 | Perfect Dark Zero X360
Perfect Dark Zero is the first xbox 360 game that people got excited about. Its the prequel to one of the most acclaimed N64 games ever, and this game doesnt fail to live up to its name.

First thing is the single player campaign. This is a beautifully animated, 10-15 hour run that will have you comming back in every setting on every difficulty because its just that good. Is it better than Halo 2? Campaign, yes by a mile. You wont feel betrayed by the ending and you will be exilherated the entire way through this immersive story. Basically you are Joanna Dark, and you assist your father who is a bounty hunter. The story line begins in the early days of the hunt and evolves into deeper and darker plots of corrution and deciet (no spoilers here).

If the story isnt your thing, then the gameplay will certainly grab you. The game successfully gets the stealth/melee combat from Metal gear solid and puts it into an action shooter. Unlike Halo and doom where a silencer means better accuracy, in PDZ, secondary firing options like a silencer mean a completely different strategy for a takedown. Its the difference between a rambo strike and a run into open space revealing yourself to the world and risking getting sniped. Knowing how to use what you have: your environment, your position, your radar and your weapon are crucial to survival. In Halo 2, if your enemy cant see you on radar, they go look for you. In PDZ, your enemy generally cant do that because its just too risky. Strategy, stealth and action are merged flawlessly in the most and least intense shooting matches you have ever had.

PDZ's online multiplayer is really what will keep you comming back for more. Long after you have expended the campaign and your friends refuse to loose to you anymore, you take the battle online. Co op, Dark ops and deathmatch modes keep vareity high. Its matchmaking system is across between that of Halo 2 and Timesplitters (in terms of modes). Bottom line: This game will rule Xbox live until Gears of War, or even after that.