User Rating: 5 | Payday 2 PS3

Ok sound track and sound effects peppered with voice overs repeating the same thing over and over again.

For the most part look fine but could have been a lot better looking. Does suffer from a few bugs and glitches.

Game Play:
It's a rather unsatisfying shooter, I can say that much. The tasks that you have to do through out, casing a place, cracking a safe, so on so forth, get incredibly boring and repetitive real fast. Multiplayer does add some life to it but if you are playing alone, You get tired of it real quick.

Gives you all the missions from the get go, Normally I don't mind that but if you are just starting out then why wouldn't want to start from the easiest mission and work your way up? No local co-op, Which absolutely sucks. Poorly designed mission layout makes it tough to find a mission you haven't done yet, Especially if you play the game often. Very unsatisfying game play makes things more of a chore to do than being enjoyable. It's cool to be able to unlock 1 free thing after every completed mission.

Overall: 5/10
All the hype around this game and it simple fails to live up. The lack of local co-op, The unsatisfying game play, and things of that nature definitely bring things down quite a bit for me. Hard to recommend it based off that.