So I've got some extra Payday 2 Beta Keys

#1 Posted by omegax06 (1 posts) -
So a close friend was kind enough to send me a number of Payday 2 beta keys that can be activated via Steam. I obviously dont need more than one, so I figured Id share some with you guys. Send me an e-mail at if you are interested in one. It will be easier for me to send them via email then to individually check PMs or chat messages. Ill probably check my mail later tonight or tomorrow morning and reply.
#2 Posted by Gyroscopic81 (1 posts) -
Could I have one? I really want to play it :D If you could it would be great :D:D:D
#3 Posted by mtgamer14 (1 posts) -
Can you give me one key please?:D I can't wait for full version but i want to try it before i buy full game:D THX :D
#4 Posted by Winbot7 (1 posts) -
Hey man, My friend and I have been dieing to play this game since forever :P. I would love if you would be generous enough to give me a key. Shoot me a email
#5 Posted by Saradenko (1 posts) -
Could I please have one? That would be really awesome :D If you could, that would be great xD
#6 Posted by oluf_sand (1 posts) -
I have already sent you a email but i will also write in here so you see. If you still have any back i would really appreciate it my email is i wont be in here very often so please mail me instead
#7 Posted by malvagos (1 posts) -
Have you any other keys left because i would appreciate to sent me one ...... my email :
#8 Posted by robertolopez23 (1 posts) -
can i get 1 beta key? froma that game im really excited for play it, will really aprecciate , my mail is