SIngle Player campaign?

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Don't know much about the first Payday, but can this one be played single player with computer-controlled partners?  Or does it have to be multiplayer?  I'm not a big multiplayer gamer so it's the main factor for whether I pick this up or not.

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Yes, I'm buying it for the single player. It'll have AI controlled team mates.
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Nice!  Looks like some solo bank robberies are gonna be going down...

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I would hold off on getting this for single player.  At least until after a few reviews have come out.  So far, the AI in the beta is complete garbage.  You are the only one that will go for mission objectives.  They aimlessly run around, rarely shoot anyone, and there is a high chance anyone that they do shoot, will be a civillian.


I started one heist an was immediately cuffed by a security guard, since he bumped into me.  Nothing I could do but sit there, watch the rest of my team walk around with their mask's off, and wait for the timer to run down.  And since the AI rarely helps you up, the game assumes you won't make it, and usually ends the mission 10-15 seconds later.


I really hope these issues are fixed in the full release, but as of now, the single player is broken. 

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Ok, let's check just to make sure... Jul 28, 2013 5:13 am GMT... Wow this is really Payday 2? I seriously thought you were talking about The Heist. So... They haven't done anything to the SP? That's so sad...

Like, even just adding simple "Go, Regroup, Hold" commands would still be useful in MP (for people who don't fancy voice chat). How long has it been since Republic Commando? Yeah...

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