Payday 2 on ps3 all rooms are full?

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I think it's my internet but I am not sure like rooms with only 1 person in it says it's full every single one and when I create one no one join and rooms that I saw 2 hours ago are still there with the same level and same amount of people and I got into a room and I thought the host was afk cause he was not starting but then I heard some dude on the mic and they were in the game but I was not. I really want to play please help
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so no ones going to help?
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I'm having similar problems, either "Error Room is filled" when joining, or no one joins if I host a room. Lots of people seem to have this problem. edit: and when I do manage to get into a room, it's "waiting for server" forever. Well, I've not actually waited forever, but after 5 or 10 minutes, I exit the room.
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yeah that was what I meant when I thought the host was host was afk. it sucks cause ai suck and they cant pick up bags.
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having the same problem, dont know what to tell ya to fix it
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same problem here guys i hope they will fix this soon!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have the same problems and so do a lot of other people the online game on PS3 is broken I had the game since launch and not one multiplayer game.LvL 50 solo
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It was working in the beginning when I first downloaded it then I stopped playing for like 4 hours came back and the issue was every server kept saying Failed retrieving games then I reset my router and then every single room is full now it really sucks also does anyone know when 7 day missions pop up?
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Pretty obvi why I'm here. PSN: KINDER-167
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On the Steam forums, the devs asked for emails if people were experiencing problems - I sent them one about this issue, and they replied.  They have a patch for it coming through certification and they're expecting it to be updated early next week. 

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cool man thanks for asking them
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Hey Guys just got the game anyone want to play as I know about the servers but psn accounts linked work online anyway hope you have a mic my psn user name is mojo354
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Right now the game is broken,here are my issuses,on every game I try to join it says the game is full even on a room with 1 person,when I customise my mask I just want a material on it and its only 40,000$ its says you need 109,000$ to finalise,there is lag when a player joins mid-game and its just really overkill you said it will be done early next week and its Monday and its still broken,SO HURRY UP!