Payday 2 Lootbag DLC Question

#1 Posted by buttenmashor (3 posts) -
So I pre-ordered Payday 2 for the PS3 through EB Games and they gave me the code for the Lootbag DLC on my receipt. But I have no idea where to enter it to get the DLC. Could anyone tell me where I need to enter it? Thanks!
#2 Posted by dunn2813 (4 posts) -
Probably the PS Store under redeem codes
#3 Posted by buttenmashor (3 posts) -
I tried and it doesnt work. I am supposed to enter the feedback number, right?
#4 Posted by AndrewClark1 (8 posts) -
enter the exact code in the redeem area, if it don't work contact Payday 2 support. ___________________________________________________ Payday 2 Glitch | Payday 2 Glitches
#5 Posted by megafallout3fan (27 posts) -
or go to account managment and reedeem codes I find that easier cause it captilizes your words and stuff.
#6 Posted by alex31xx2 (1 posts) -
go to playstation store and redeem the code