Just can't choose a class?!

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I love this game since it was brought on pc but now it is on xbox. I had played as the ghost class but it just didn't fit my playstyle. Im currently stuck between Mastermind and enforcer. Technician can be another choice too though. I am more of assault rifle guy and like to play defensive alot. Which one do you guys recommend? Best assault rifle too and pistol? Im currently level 10
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Ive got the same problem as well with choosing a class and im level 57, just can't seem to stick with one. What i'm doing is just trying em all out, respec'd a fair amount of times but with the money you can make from heists it doesn't really matter that much.

In regards to which assault rifle and pistol are best it's completely up to you, just mess around with them all and find the ones that suit you, I found that the Uar and the Crosskill are good for me.

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mastermind is my fav cuz you can intimidate officers turn make intimidated officers on you side and fight with you and you can revive from a distance while in cover and revive fast when your not reviving from a distance also medkits help the team a lot also civilians can revive you sometimes but those are just some of the major one there are a couple more like kill an enemy while on the ground with a pistol will revive you but you only get 1 charge and you get 4 charges if you ace that skill but that skill kind of sucks cause I use a p 90 and you will probably have the p90 unlocked by the time you get the skill and p90 is a good side arm. technician has c4 and sentry gun enforcer has a saw as a weapon to open everything faster and the combined tactical vest and ghost you can lockpick safes and a bunch of other stuff I really have only focused on mastermind so I don't know every skill tree but if you want to support your team be an enforcer or mastermind cause health and ammo are good trip mines are not that useful and ghost only has an ecm jammer
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also Ifind the shotgun is a really good weapon not the last shotgun but the reinbeck just because it carrys good amount of ammo does a lot of damadge and you dont really need to use an ammo bag as much when I use that shotgun cause it's really easy to get ammo off of dead people with using a shotgun compared to an automatic gun.

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Daang thats one big blob of words. Some punctuation would have been nice aye lol.

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Yeah, I played with classes alot and finally enjoy being a enforcer/tech at lvl 63. Blowing up safes plus the armor bonuses from tech, shotgun speed and damage with higher health makes things alot easier.