For Payday 2 MP PS3

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I'm sure we are all aware of the payday 2 issues on the multiplayer side but I thought this would be a good forum if you want to play with other dudes then put you psn name if you have a mic and see if anyone answers.Another tip don't just friend request someone message them why you are adding and if you have a mic. So my PSN name is mojo354 and I have a mic and I play quite regularly
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I am looking for more people to play with, I play often, don't have a mic YET but one should arrive tomorrow or the day after. I'm 26 and from the UK, I do have skype if you want to use that until my headset arrives Edit: My PSN:ID is the same as my username Anfraxx_
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Also looking for people to play with, do shift work so will try be on when i can got a mic aswell for teamwork am from the UK aswell and am 23 so am a mature player. PSN - Th3-J0k3r--90