One of the best game in the genre of team based tactical shooters

Game is one of the best in it's genre. Provides all necessary features for playing tactical team-based FPS. Has ability to rank up, personalize your character. Big variety of weapons, also availability to customize them (laser, silencer, optics & etc...). Story is also very nice. Game is based on special operations with well trained & well equipped team which consists from 3 men. Their leader is man, called Bishop. Game also has "Terrorist Hunt" feature, which means player can play with computer (neutralize terrorists), choose maps, equipment & difficulty. It has 3 levels of difficulty. Most hard level is Realistic level, which very hard to play. I would put this game in simulators for real Special Forces. Graphics is not so bad for 2008. In short, this is great Special Forces simulator. 10 points from me.