Fingerprint Glitch

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Anyone else have a problem with the fingerprints? A few times I've had it where I've run the persons prints, and it comes back as the name they stated and everything matches, but i get a citation saying the fingerprints didn't match and it's not them. I've replayed the level several times and each time I've checked to make sure 100% that it says everything is legit but I still get a citation. Whats worse is if I deny the person I get a citation saying they were cleared for entry! I have the latest version installed. I sent an email to the creator but no response yet. Anyone else notice this? Regardless this game is still awesome. I played the demo like 10 times waiting for it to come out, and now that it is I've been playing it for 4 fays straight trying to get all the endings!
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ah wait, im an idiot..i never noticed the 2nd fingerprint paper they did and to match dumb of me! so the game is perfect!
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I had trouble with that too lol.
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Yeah, it's not a glitch, but it is confusing the first couple of times you do it.